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Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Jessica

My granddaughter will turn 16 while I'm visiting in July.  Have had such fun creating this special card for her.  Have never done so much Paper Piecing.  Made about 5 mistakes related to never having done so much on one creation before but I managed to fake it on them and think it still turned out great.  I've used Crystal Lacquer on the Windhshield, headlights, hubcaps (does anybody still use those or am I showing my age LOL), scarf and eyes.  Colored everything with Copics and filled in some markings with Fine Point Sharpies.  Do believe that she and her brother will be sharing an old yellow volkswagon, thus the colors.  Am sure she'll just rip it open, to see if there might be some 'gas money' or something inside :).

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