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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Garden Collage again - the other 3 designs

OK, here are the three other cards that I had failed to post, then no more Garden Collage for a while, I promise.
This one is almost 'electric' with it's bright blue and nearly florescent green papers and embellished with the 'blue diamonds'.  How cheery.

This next one is on a white background, honest.  Have no idea why it scanned gray.  Embellished with tiny blue ribbon and the added bird again.  Doesn't show well in scans, but bird and butterfly are  lightly glittered

This last one is done in the 'Zindorf' style.  Michelle Zindorf does the most beautiful work and travels the US teaching her style.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the variety available with a single stamp.

1 comment:

KellyRae said...

Another trio of lovelies and I admit I was definitely surprised how the bright colors 'worked' and weren't too neon after all. But my favorite of this trio is the middle card - you always have the perfect touch with ribbon (I'm all thumbs and big toes) and so I LOVE how the blue ribbon on the second card wraps just around the 2 corners.