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Thursday, January 10, 2013

It isn't me...

Still trying to add pictures of my creations and been all over blog support etc.  Finally located a forum issue that said that yes, this is a problem, they know about it and are working on it with no idea of resolution timing.  At least it wasn't just me not knowing what to do LOL.

I'll come back to blogging when it is fixed.  In the meantime, I keep creating.

Have a good day


Nadine said...

Hi Diane,
thank you for your comment!

Regarding your blogger issue. Try using an other webbrowser like firefox or google chrome. That will work.


Naomi Edwards said...

Hi Diane, thank you for visiting my blog, I will be one of your newest followers when I finish writing this message.. all I did regarding your blogger issues was download Mozilla Firefox and it works perfect! Nice to meet you!

Elizabeth said...

Install Google Chrome and all problems are solved!!

loyaz said...

Testing - DianeL