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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just checking in...

Oh dear, I have been a bad blogger again.  Afraid that I have gotten so caught up in Pinterest - wow is that addicting.  I'm so busy collecting 'cards to make' ideas, that I have no time to make cards.  Crazy.  So today I am NOT going on Pinterest - well ok, I looked at 3 quick ones - and I AM going to master my Movers & Shapers.  I have been struggling with a card (yes, I found it on Pinterest so see it WAS worth while) that uses Movers & Shapers.  Could not get my sandwich combination right so finally got smart and looked it on on the net.  Appears my machine is a little different than many, because it will not accept the full sandwich that others are using, but I have finally found what to shim with and how many shims to use.  Now if I can just get my layers in the right places - seem to keep cutting my shims instead of my plastic piece or the crease board.  The card is beginning to take shape though.  Lots more steps to go - including stamping, coloring, cutting etc but it is starting to look like a card.

If you have time and have nothing to do, take a look at my  Pinterest Card Making board, or the Copics or Zentangles or some other board.....

Hopefully I'll have a pretty card to scan and post before too very much longer.

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