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Friday, May 4, 2012

Sending Love through cards

Our daughter is having major back surgery today.  So we are showering her with a card a day for a couple weeks.  You may remember when we did this for my dear friend Jean when she had surgery a few years ago.  Her cards are posted pretty far back on my blog but you can find them all at once by clicking on Get Well in the catagory column.  Anyway, we've sent some of those same card, just personalized them or updated them a little, whatever they needed.  Todays card did not scan worth beans, but hopefully you can get a good enough picture of what's going on.  This is an adorable girl Doctor, by Mo Manning, about to give her bear a shot.  I hope you can read the text - you for sure have to watch out for those Side Effects.  Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your visit! 

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