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Sunday, November 8, 2009

You really have to use your imagination for this one. It is an awesome card but much of it is in lighter colors. If you look to the right of the cactur, you can see a little hint of color. That is, IRL, a soft celery green that was inked onto a shaped background stamp. A darker green was Direct to Papered around the edge of the shadow stamp. The shadow was inked solidly with white. A Krinkle type background stamp was inked with the greet. The inked White stamp was 'kissed' lightly onto the krinkle. The background stamp was then solidly stamped onto the c/s. Stamp the cactus in the center of that, in the darker green and emboss the whole thing with clear EP. Put Liquid applique on the cacti arm tips and on the ground around it. Heat to puff up. Sprinkle fine glitter over that. Using the darker green, we used a part of a Joshua tree stamp to make the corner pines. Apply a mystic EP (maybe like Hologram?) to the pines and heat. The pines will sparkle subtly. Rub any color stamp pad along the edge of the card, with the card FACING the pad. Dip into Gold EP. Heat from back side. When back side turns, you can turn over and get the front. This method prevents the embossed corners from being over heated. Repeat for each corner. That's it - have fun! Sorry I couldn't get the scan to come out better.

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