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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nail Polish Technique

First picture is the envelope, second is the card inside and third is the card itself. I swear I have been working on this card for months, and now...the Nail Polish technique doesn't even show up in the scans. Picture the rainbow colors of gasoline floating on water. That is what the black background piece looks like. The vase and flowers have Crystal Lacquer and they really popped. Everything is colored with Chalk Pencil and blender pen. Also, my Dew Drops are homemade dew drops. The scan doesn't pick up their sparkle either, but they do look sharp. The stamp set is a TAC Stamp of the month from a couple months ago. Thanks for looking.

1 comment:

Alysabeth said...

WOW Diane your shading is SUPERB:o) I hate my blender because it dosent do for me what yours does for you! I LOVE your home made dew drops and the crystal effects on the flowers. In person that really pops a card.

Happy to see you post, cant wait till next time.